Sleeping Tips: sleep advice we all know about but never follow

Most people do not question their sleep unless something goes wrong: you can’t fall asleep or you wake up in the middle of the night or simply wake up tired and moody. And it seems we know every single ingredient of good-sleep recipe but for some reason we still continue taking our phones to bed, binge watching Netflix and falling asleep way later than we promised ourselves.


So here it is, a quick reminder about sleeping tips for better nights and brighter mornings:

1. Waking up and going to bed at the same time - as simple as it is, but having certain routine you'll try to stick to will definitely do you a favour. Also if doable try going out for a bit of fresh air to your balcony or backyard at least for couple of minutes, - the brain will immediately receive a wake-up signal.


2. No Coffee after 2pm - we know it's impossible sometimes not to start yawning after lunch and concentrate on your to-do list but we'd recommend limiting caffeine intake after 2pm;


3. Stop Eating 2 Hours Before Bed - so you stomach won't bother you digesting heavy late dinner or midnight snack;


4. Limit screen time 1 hour before bed & turn off notifications - we know it's hard but waking up tired with zero energy is definitely harder, so go for it and switch all that electronics off. Bright white light (in addition to the information flow) irritates our nervous system, which ideally should relax and get ready for sleep. Candles, a fireplace, sunset walks and the warm yellow light in the house will have a positive effect;


5. Ventilate the room with fresh air;


6. Take a bath or warm shower - it will help your muscles to soften and relax preparing you for a good sleep;


7. Read a book, stretch your body and/or meditate - consider what relaxing activities will bring pleasure and help you get ready for sleep;


9. Journal Your Thoughts - have a mind-clearing notebook & a pen next to your bed for journaling your thoughts & ideas if needed so you can take it off your busy mind;


10. Make sure the room is dark and/or wear an eye mask. Even a small light from recharging the phone affects the production of melatonin, not to mention the working TV or computer in the bedroom, which directly affects the quality of sleep. A sleep mask and thick black-out curtains that don't let anything through will come in handy. Also, we recommend removing computers, TVs and telephones from the bedroom for good - all this generates radiation that affects sleep. The bedroom is for relaxation, sleep and sex.


Lastly, if you've tried everything and still can't sleep, it's better to stop tossing and turning in bed and get up to read a little, get some fresh air and go back to bed.


Do not sacrifice your sleep in order to finish all the things and do everything, sleep is just as important an element of health as healthy food, sports and positive emotions. Even if you manage to follow half of the points or create a couple of new habits, your sleep may already improve noticeably.


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