Factory of Sleep Team

10+ years of sleeping problems, tons of literature, number of tests and sleeping products, hours of consultations and meditation and.. I'm over it while it become a life-long journey as Sleep has transformed from something negative into the main source of my curiosity, my obsession and inspiration. The world keeps changing and luckily constantly being on a hurry, working/parties all night long without any sleep doesn't sound cool anymore with more and more people choosing slow-living, their physical and mental health and therefore realising a crucial importance of Sleep.

Here at Factory of Sleep we care for your wellbeing and the pace you are living with. We are creating your go-to place for anything and everything that may improve your sleep: latest research and bedtime check-lists, interviews with somnologists and life hacks on choosing your bedding, meditations, beauty hacks, bedtime snacks and advice on colour palette for your bedroom, - you name it, we've got your covered to work together on healthier sleeping habits of ourselves. And as we also care for the world we all share and community, please welcome our Sleep Shop, the very first nature-friendly sleep supporting sustainable local Ukrainian and UAE brands.